(Lua, LÖVE)


Developed: Jan 27 - Jan 29 2012

A demon has been summoned, and is preventing souls from ascending. Avoid the ghosts, or you may become one yourself! :

  • Move with the arrow keys, and interact with the spacebar
  • Talk to the procedurally-named villagers
  • As a ghost, you can possess villagers in order to escape your doom

Created as part of the 2012 Game Jam Sydney :

  • Was gameplay programmer and game designer in a group of five
  • Created in under 48 hours


  • Game Design, gameplay programming - Tim Gurto
  • Graphics programming - Jacqui Hawkins
  • Art - Leanne Wong
  • Animation - Michael Chu
  • Sound, music - Wade Clarke
  • Voices - Wade Clarke, Leanne Wong, Michael Chu, Daniel Jeffery