I'm a passionate game programmer from Sydney, Australia. Most of the games I've made have just been for fun, but they've all been enjoyable to make, great opportunities to meet some wonderful fellow developers, and very educational experiences. I've wanted to create games since I was ten, which is the reason I began programming at that same age.

I'm particularly interested in:
  • AI, particularly game AI, where the goal is fun rather than realism
  • Economic systems
  • Electronic automation
Most of the games I've made have been in C++ using the SDL library, and based on a framework I developed for Dawn of Man. Many have been projects created for Global Game Jam, an annual 48-hour event in January, or for the Experimental Gameplay Project, a monthly, seven-day event which sadly seems to have ended.

Most have also been collaborative efforts, particularly with artists and animators, who taught me that great art can bring life to a game just as much as an engaging AI or a convincing simulation. I would especially like to thank, and recommend: Needless to say, I enjoy playing games almost as much as I do making them. My personal preference is strategy games, with a focus on gameplay and mechanics, though my three favorite video games are an adventure game and a shooter/RPG with strong settings and stories, and an MMORPG with strong mechanics and a cohesive universe. I'm also a fan of many board and card games.

As for programming, my favorite language is C++, my favorite version-control system is Git, and my favorite keyboard is the original blue Logitech G15.