Economy MMO project

(C++, SDL)


Developed: May 2015 - present

As the latest iteration of an idea stretching back years, I hope to model a complex economic system with multiple agents (both human and AI) interacting with the game world and with each other.

All code in this project is being written from scratch, using SDL 2.0 and Winsock. It is providing a fantastic opportunity to learn both, as well as to become acquainted with some of the problems involved in multiplayer game design and development.

Currently, the following has been implemented:

  • A server, which accepts multiple client connections
  • A client, which hosts a user and allows him to move, gather and craft with his character
  • Client-side character actions verified by the server
  • An expandable and robust messaging system between server and clients
  • A color-coded message log for clients and server
  • A versatile item system supporting crafting
  • Persistent server-side storage of user and world data
  • Collectible resources on the map
  • Random map generation

Please view the readme file for details about the how to use the program.