(C++, SDL)

strategy game prototype

Developed: Jan 28 - Jan 30 2011

A conceptual strategy game allowing the player to see the future of his/her actions, as that future changes:

  • Move around and interact with objects
  • Trees grow, flowers spread, and bunnies breed, as the land reacts
  • A future, extrapolated from the main simulation, is displayed on the right

Created as part of the 2011 Game Jam Sydney :

  • Was co-programmer and co-designer in a group of four
  • Created in under 48 hours
  • Awarded Most Innovative Game


  • Design - Tim Gurto, Jacqui Hawkins, Wade Clarke, Katherine Primrose
  • Programming - Tim Gurto, Jacqui Hawkins
  • Art, animation - Katherine Primrose
  • Sound, music - Wade Clarke