Circumstances of My Accident

(C++, SDL)

platformer prototype

Developed: Sept 2010 - Oct 2010

This game encompasses the basic features and controls of a standard platformer:

  • Moving around the world
  • Collecting and firing ammunition
  • Killing monsters and a final boss

Project for university's Game Design Workshop:

  • Was programmer and co-designer in a group of four
  • Awarded the Microforte COMP4431 Prize for best game prototype

Built multiple tools to assist with development and design:

  • Integrated functionality to track players' actions, and to graphically aggregate playtesting data
  • Sprite animator and spritesheet generator (using C++)
  • Level editor (using Visual Basic)


  • Design - Tim Gurto, Dominic Gurto, Katherine Primrose, David Lee
  • Programming - Tim Gurto
  • Art, animation - Katherine Primrose
  • Sound, music - Dominic Gurto